Preparing for Winter

8 tips to keep in mind as winter approaches!


Tenants of Hill Rental Properties,

Whether we like it or not, winter is fast approaching. Here are a few things to remember during these cold, snowy month’s.

  1. Keep your apartment at least 50 degrees, even when you are gone for break. When your apartment drops below 50 degrees the probability of frozen pipes increases. Remember, you are liable for damage that occurs due to frozen pipes if you neglect to keep your heat turned on.
  2. Double and triple check each of your heaters. Make sure everything is at least 8″ away from the heater. This includes blind strings, curtains, bedding, power cords, etc.
  3. Make sure to vent your apartment. Even during winter month’s humidity can build up in your apartment. It’s important to circulate the air, either with a fan or by opening your windows for a few minutes. Covering your windows with blankets or plastic can lead to significant mildew growth if you don’t allow the window to breathe. This also occurs if all of your furniture is pushed tight against the wall. Leave a 4-6″ gap behind furniture to allow the air to flow along the wall. If mildew is found, clean immediately to prevent further growth.
  4. Plan ahead. We have a crew clearing sidewalks and plowing the driveways but it may be later in the day before they reach your property. Make sure your vehicle is equipped with the proper tires and you with the proper footwear to safely navigate the changing conditions.
  5. Plan for extra time to properly clear your vehicle of snow and ice. Make sure to completely clear your windows, head and tail lights, and mirrors before driving.
  6. Remember, just because there is no snow doesn’t mean it’s not icy. Please be ready for freezing rain and fog as they can be just as dangerous.
  7. Make sure to report maintenance items to the office right away so they can be repaired. Our maintenance crew is also our snow removal crew so we appreciate your patience during snow events. It is an enormous help to our maintenance to be able to take care of problems before they get to emergency status. For example, report slow drains before they become plugged drains!
  8. Set your thermostats lower when you are gone during the day. Heating an unoccupied apartment will drastically increase your electricity bill. Setting your living room and bedroom thermostats lower when you go to bed at night will also help reduce energy costs.

Thank you!

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