Oakridge Apartments  –   505 Indian Hills Drive

Oakridge Apartments is a Section 8 Project Based housing community.

* Applications are not available online. Contact office for application materials.*

Through cooperation with the Idaho housing Agency and the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Section 8 Rental Assistance is offered to those families who meet certain income, credit and family size requirements. This complex consists of 6 one-bedroom, 33 two-bedroom, and 7 three-bedroom apartments. There are four apartments that are wheel chair accessible.
In general, for those people who qualify the monthly rent and initial deposit will be approximately 30% of their adjusted monthly income. The maximum annual eligibility income of people applying for Section 8 housing in Latah County is as follows.

One Person: $24,750
Two People: $28,250
Three People: $31,800
Four People: $35,300
Five People: $38,150
Six People:  $40,950

All income must be verified. In computing income the following are considered:
Salaries (including tips), Unemployment Benefits, Checking and Savings interest, Assets disposed of within a certain period of time, Public assistance payments (AFDC, Welfare, other than Grants), Social Security Benefits, Asset Interest, Alimony, G.I. Benefits, Subsidy from parents, Child Support.
Certain Expenses may be deducted from the annual gross income. There are allowances in some cases for minors, childcare, medical expenses, and handicap expenses.
In addition to the income qualification discussed above, an applicant must have a good Landlord recommendation or personal recommendation and a good credit history. This information will be verified after the application is received back from the applicant.
Application must be completed in full, with all necessary verification, and returned to our office at 1218 S Main, Moscow ID 83843 before being considered. When an apartment becomes available, our manager will call you for a personal interview.

Oakridge Associates, LLC. is an equal opportunity housing provider and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, disability, familial status, national origin, perceived sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status in the admission to or the employment of its federally assisted programs.
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