Applying for an Apartment

An application fee of $30 is due before your application will be processed. If you complete your application online the fee may be paid by debit or credit card.
Printed applications must be submitted to the office with a cash, check, or money order for processing.

Print Rental Application (PDF)
Print Co-signer Application (PDF)
Apply Online

To be approved to rent with Hill Rental Properties, applicants must meet the minimum requirements listed below. Hill Rental Properties reserves the right to use its own discretion in reviewing and approving rental applications and decisions may not be based solely on the following criteria. Hill Rental Properties does not discriminate based on age, gender, race, color, sexual orientation, or disability in the leasing of apartments.

  • Completed Rental Application – All sections of the rental application for Hill Rental Properties must be filled out completely and accurately using blue or black ink. Hill Rental Properties reserves the right to deny any illegible or incomplete application or any application containing false information.
  • Age and Identification – All applicants must be over 18 years of age, have a social security number, and a valid, government issued, picture identification (driver’s license, passport, or identification card). Applicants without US citizenship must show a valid passport and visa information (form I-20, or other visa documents).
  • Credit – Hill Rental Properties requires either a TransUnion credit score of 660 and/or a minimum of 90% of all trade lines to be in good standing. Applicants will be denied for outstanding balances owing to any utility company or previous landlords.
  • Criminal History– Applicant will be denied if any of the following hold true:
    • Applicant has been convicted of a felony within the last 7 years.
    • At time of application, Applicant has not completed all court ordered obligations including incarceration, payment of legal financial obligations, restitution, and/or probation.
    • Applicant has plead guilty or no contest to a crime against a person or property, a violent offense, a sex offense, or is a registered sex offender.
  • Rental History– Hill Rental Properties requires applicants to provide at least 3 years of residence history. Applicant’s previous landlords must provide a positive rental history. Applications will be denied without exception if there is a balance owing to a previous landlord.

Submitting an application does not hold or guarantee the rental unit you’ve seen to be available when your application processing is complete. A unit is not guaranteed until the lease agreement is signed by all applicants and Hill Rental Properties. The security deposit and last month’s rent are due when the lease is signed.